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Putting the customer at the heart of the business

By Russell Loarridge | Posted on August 13, 2013

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The customer should be the most important person in your business and for Channel 4 that is the case.

I read in a recent MediaWeek article that “Truly understanding your customer is what drives success” and I believe this should ring true to every marketer out there. Knowing your users is the only way you can effectively engage with them; a great example of this is Channel 4.

Back at the start of 2013 we announced a very successful go live with Channel 4 and their popular TV show The Million Pound Drop, with 96,000 users logging on to play along at home. When viewers log into the Channel 4 site they are asked to share their personal data with the promise that Channel 4 will use the information to provide better programming and online experiences; satisfying both the viewers and advertisers demands.

Channel 4 truly puts the customer at the heart of their business. They have teams entirely dedicated to viewer engagement and they make a conscious effort to focus on what their viewers really want by getting to know them through their own unique personal data. Channel 4 can then uses this information to enhance the relationship and continue to learn more about their viewers from their individual digital identities.

At Janrain we are really excited about digital identities and the doors they open to online engagement. We believe it is paramount that businesses know whom their customers are before any meaningful engagement can happen and Channel 4 is a great example of this. They are taking the data they are offered by their viewers and using this to create more relevant & targeted advertising and better TV shows that they know will interest their viewers. A win, win situation.

With Channel 4, honesty is the best policy and they are very honest about how they use their data; openly telling their customers “Share your data with us and we will improve your experience and provide you with better TV shows.” Simple.

And their viewer promise voiced by Alan Carr is a great visual representation of this.

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Russell Loarridge

Russell Loarridge

Managing Director, Europe

Russell Loarridge has a long pedigree in leading business development for both multi-national technology companies and growing revenues in start-up situations through organic and acquisition growth strategies. Russell has over 20 years’ experience in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eCRM, personalisation and internet marketing sectors, having worked with industry forerunners including Internet Marketing Solutions, a start-up that he successfully sold privately to NASDAQ listed CRM provider, Firstwave Technologies and more recently Bazaarvoice now listed on NASDAQ. Russell’s industry experience makes him a respected industry commentator with particular expertise on the integration of all forms of e-commerce with the traditional world of bricks and mortar, further enhancing Janrain’s international reputation as an increasingly prominent voice in the social user management marketplace.

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