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The Real Deal: German Hypermarket Giant Integrates Social Login and Single Sign-On

By Russell Loarridge | Posted on November 21, 2013

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Russell Loarridge, Janrain’s Director of Customer Acquisition in Europe, shares his latest views on marketing, social user management and customer engagement.

We are very excited to be working with Real, the German hypermarket giant that is part of the Metro Group to enable social login on its new platform.’s new platform allows customers to easily log in directly and use their preferred social media profile, in order to make the online shopping experience as convenient and relevant as possible.

We know that 85% of UK consumers would like social login to be offered as an alternative when registering for sites over the standard web registration process. Furthermore, a new Gartner report suggested that by 2015 half of customer log-ins will be made via social networks. So with this in mind we wanted to ensure Real could embrace the willingness of consumers to share their social data.


Philipp Blome, Head of eMarketing, CRM &Marketing Projects,, commented, “There was a recognition within Real that social media was becoming increasingly important as a means for brands to communicate effectively with their customer base. In today’s online environment, where it is so easy for consumers to move away from your website to a competitor, the user experience is absolutely critical.”

We wanted to make the online experience as convenient for our shoppers as possible and social login was key to enabling this improved online experience.

Real previously operated unique websites for its various business divisions, but wanted to integrate all of its services and create a single customer account, without having to ask its existing customers to re-register. Single sign-on - whereby a customer once logged on to one of the websites would automatically be able to move between the different corporate sites - presented the retailer with the solution it needed, whilst working on the new website in the background.

It is great to see another organisation in Germany embracing social login and our user management platform; especially as we expand our European presence with the opening of the new German office, which reflects the growing demand for solutions to increase user acquisition and engagement across Europe.

At Janrain we know that online consumers are increasingly demanding more personalised online experiences and it is refreshing to know that organisations in Germany and other parts of Europe are increasingly recognising that Social Login can unlock the door to comprehensive customer insight, more effective targeting and

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About the author

Russell Loarridge

Russell Loarridge

Managing Director, Europe

Russell Loarridge has a long pedigree in leading business development for both multi-national technology companies and growing revenues in start-up situations through organic and acquisition growth strategies. Russell has over 20 years’ experience in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eCRM, personalisation and internet marketing sectors, having worked with industry forerunners including Internet Marketing Solutions, a start-up that he successfully sold privately to NASDAQ listed CRM provider, Firstwave Technologies and more recently Bazaarvoice now listed on NASDAQ. Russell’s industry experience makes him a respected industry commentator with particular expertise on the integration of all forms of e-commerce with the traditional world of bricks and mortar, further enhancing Janrain’s international reputation as an increasingly prominent voice in the social user management marketplace.

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