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The Real Reason Gartner Calls Janrain Cool

By Larry Drebes | Posted on April 18, 2013

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When one of the best and most respected research firms in the world says that a company is cool, people listen. And this week, Gartner included Janrain in their 2013 Cool Vendors in Social Marketing report.


How cool is that?

We’re thrilled to be honored with membership into Gartner’s “cool social technology” club (our words, not theirs) along with 140 Proof, Influitive, Woobox and Zuberance. The report’s focus is around the opportunity that exists for digital marketers in leveraging the social web to reach their online goals, and goes on to recommend these cool vendors for organizations to call upon.

Our motivation at Janrain isn’t necessarily to “be cool” but we think it’s pretty darn awesome to work with brands we all like, know and buy from such as Universal Music Group, Fox, Dr Pepper, Samsung, AMC, Guitar Center and Pac12. In our book, it’s our customers that we find pretty cool because they understand exactly what Gartner analyst Julie Hopkins means when she writes:

Janrain simplifies the process of managing multiple online identities to remove the “digital hassle” often associated with the user’s broad social participation.

In other words: our customers know that password fatigue is a real problem and leverage our social login technology to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of allowing their website visitors to quickly log in to their site.

So, while we’re humbled to be called a “cool vendor” and thank Gartner for the recognition, we really want to thank our customers who make us who we are by choosing Janrain in the first place and relying on us to earn their trust everyday.

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Larry Drebes

Larry Drebes


Larry founded Janrain in 2005 to address the challenge of managing user identity on the Internet. In its early days, Janrain drove the development of the majority of the open source OpenID protocol libraries that continue to be used today by organizations such as Google and Yahoo!, and was a founding member of the OpenID Foundation, a nonprofit governance organization for the industry. Prior to Janrain, Larry was a co-founder of Silicon Valley startups, a web-based service, and Four11 Corporation. At Four11 Corporation, Larry led the development of its RocketMail product, one of the first Internet-based email systems. Four11 was acquired by Yahoo! in 1997, and its RocketMail product became Yahoo! Mail. Earlier in his career, Larry did software development for Raynet, McDonnell Douglas and A.G. Edwards.

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