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Research Reveals Consumer Perceptions of Online Registration

By Gina Rau | Posted on January 18, 2012

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A recent research headline may surprise online marketers seeking higher conversion: visitors to your website prefer to use social login over a traditional registration. In fact, 77% of the people surveyed by Blue Research said they find social login helpful and would like more websites to offer it.

Registration Conflicts for Users and You

The study reveals the challenges and friction that people have with registering online, which translates into the problem you may have with website conversion. A reported 86% of the people said they’d rather leave your site, go to a different site or never return to a site than create a new account.

If converting website visitors to registered users and customers is one of your primary online objectives, these findings represent significant opportunity for your business. With eCommerce conversion rates averaging 3%, even the smallest improvement impacts the bottom line.

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When Mickey Mouse Converts

The research also indicates that many users that do create a new account turn over false information with 88% admitting to providing incomplete or incorrect profile data, thereby defeating the very purpose of your registration program. Many users claim they haven’t seen the benefits of sharing personal information like relevant ads or offers, or a personalized experience. Without these benefits, it’s easy to understand the hesitancy users have in sharing their data; it’s a delicate balance of give and get.

micky mouse converts

Social Login Fans Are High-Value Users

While there is clearly a problem with traditional registration programs, the good news for marketers is that there is a solution that users are requesting, and already utilizing across the web. The research concludes with findings that people who are fans of social login will prove to be high-value users that are more likely to return to your site, purchase your products or services, and influence and be influenced by social networks.

Ready for the full report? Download it here.

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