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RPX adds support for Yahoo Updates, Status, and Contacts APIs

By Janrain Team | Posted on September 18, 2009

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Our mission with RPX is to get people signed in to your website quickly and easily using an account they already own. Signing in with an existing account leads to quicker engagement, and in general a more positive user experience for your users.We’re happy to announce today that not only can you sign a user in via their existing user Yahoo account, but you can also integrate with Yahoo’s rich social services via RPX including their Status, Updates, and Contacts APIs. Yahoo! has also announced these enhancements to its service and highlighted RPX as the solution provider to bring this to market (read more).

Access to these services are built atop the OAuth authorization protocol, and through the work done to combine OpenID and OAuth into one simple flow, a user is able to grant access to sign-in and other services with a single click. Below you can see me signing in to and at the same time giving Qype access to send updates to my Yahoo profile.


Qype can then use RPX’s simple API to set my status on Yahoo, or send activity back to my Updates stream. Below you can see that when I leave a review of my favorite sandwich shop, Qype asks me if I’d like to send my review up to my Updates stream:


And when I leave the box checked the Update appears like so on my Yahoo Profile page:

date stream

RPX Basic, Plus, and Pro customers can all benefit from enabling the Yahoo OpenID/OAuth hybrid. Basic customers will get additional profile data including a profile picture and a link to the user’s Yahoo profile. Plus customers will get access to the richer profile data, as well as adding Yahoo to our set of supported providers for the set_status and activity APIs. Pro customers get all that as well as access to a Yahoo users Contacts list via our get_contacts API.

To set up the Yahoo Hybrid for your RPX application, click “Configure Providers” from your account dashboard, and then select “Yahoo”. Follow the step by step instructions to set up your application, and happy coding!

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