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RPX Experiencing Rapid Growth Across a Wide Range of Websites

By Janrain Team | Posted on July 20, 2009

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With over 1.4 billion third-party-enabled accounts from Google, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook, MySpace, Windows LiveID, Twitter, and many others, it’s become very compelling for website operators to begin accepting registration and login from these accounts.

Doing so helps increase registration rates, reduce forgotten password costs & customer frustration, and allow customers to build richer profiles more quickly and easily. With customer approval, users can share address books, friends lists, music preferences, photos, birthdays, nicknames, and many other aspects of their digital persona that allow the websites that they use to serve them better.Until recently, however, it has been difficult for website operators to keep up with the increasing list of identity providers, the data and services that each provide, the evolving and expanding underlying technologies (OpenID, OAuth, Portable Contacts, Microformats, Activity Streams, proprietary vendor specific APIs, etc.), and creating an intuitive and consistent user experience.

JanRain’s RPX service was designed to make it very simple for organizations to deploy this functionality quickly, easily, and cost effectively. Since its launch last year, RPX has been deployed on thousands of websites across a range of industries and application areas. You can read some reviews of RPX by identity providers, press, analysts, and customers.

Media and entertainment clients like Universal Music Group have empowered hundreds of artist websites including 50 Cent, Beck, Counting Crows, The Cure, Eminem, Fergie, Guns ‘N Roses, BB King, Gwen Stefani, The Police, U2 and Weezer. Oniracom is a group of music industry marketing specialists who partner with both artists and management to increase marketplace visibility and revenue for their clients like Lenny Kravitz.

the police

lenny kravitz

Retail sites including Sears and Kmart are making it easier for customers to write product reviews, post comments on thereviews of others, participate in discussion boards and post ideas for the community to vote on. Customers also have access to special offers andcoupons in return for their participation in the community.


Customer feedback service UserVoice allows customers across 19,000 websites to login with existing accounts from dozens of existing identity providers.

user voice

TwitterFeed feeds over 400,000 blogs to Twitter, simplifying login via RPX.

twitter feed

More than 85,000 websites from some of the world’s most recognizable brands to local TV and radio stations, and small businesses use KickApps to grow and engage their audiences with social media. For example, check out the Seattle Seahawks fan site powered by RPX.

Delivery service monitoring by TrackThis allows clients to track the status of packages from FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL and other updates via Email, SMS messaging, RSS feeds, Facebook, or Twitter.


Online auction site of the Philippines makes it easy for customers to register and login to buy and sell merchandise.

Street Racersis a browser-based, multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) where its members race against other racers, participate in tournaments, and buy and sell cars and car parts. Kalydo offers game developers an open platform to publish their games on, free of charge with a transparent revenue sharing system, smart statistics and a personal approach.

street racers

Additionally, by offering a range of user interface deployment models, RPX can provide a full turn-key solution, a hybrid templated approach, or a fully custom interface.

We enjoy working with our customers and partners, some highlighted above, to assist them in achieving their online objectives and enhancing the experience for their users. Please let us know if there is something we can do to help your organization leverage the 3rd party identities of your users.

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