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Samsung Taps Into A High Value Customer to Improve Email Marketability

By Gina Rau | Posted on November 28, 2012

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Like many consumer brands, Samsung is always looking for new ways to connect with their product users and brand advocates in meaningful ways. Many customers visit the Samsung Nation website to register new products and participating in the community elements, but Matthew Moller, Director of Digital Engagement at Samsung, recognized an opportunity to personalize that experience and develop relationships by taking down barriers.

“We knew it was the perfect time to implement new solutions that would support direct customer relationships and allow us to engage with our product users in ways that offer true value for them.” – Matthew Moller, Director of Digital Engagement, Samsung

A critical step in developing valuable relationships is having a reliable way to reach customers: a verified email address. Matthew recognized early on that making it easier for customers to register and create an account would open the door to these relationships. Janrain social login was the right solution to reach his objectives, offering customers a simple method to create a new account, that also gave Samsung permission to access a verified email address and other useful profile data.

samsung login2

Samsung found the Janrain solution incredibly valuable because they often miss out on the direct customer connection when people buy their product from carriers, eCommerce sites or retailers. Now they can better know their customers, learn more about them and improve their marketing communications.

Samsung priorities

A top priority for Samsung is a commitment to keep their customer profile data safe and secure to maintain the trust they’ve built with consumers. Leveraging Janrain social login allows them to create a personalized experience and expedited registration without requiring users to register a username or password. Samsung also wanted an innovative partner that is constantly evolving within a rapidly changing environment, which Janrain has proven to be.

Results: High value customers

By offering account creation on their site using social login, Samsung is definitely removing hurdles for customers ready to register a new product. In doing so, Samsung is collecting valuable data on these customers, including a verified email address. This has significantly improved their email marketing efforts as they have found that social login users are:

  • 34% more likely to open email
  • 63% more likely to click through a link in the email
  • 506% more likely to leave a product review

“The quality of profile attributes that we’re adding to the Samsung customer database is powerful data that has the potential to significantly impact our future marketing programs.” – Lee Talbott, Sr Manager at Merkle, Samsung’s CRM agency partner

Read the full Samsung Customer Success Story

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