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Sharing innovation at the 2017 Janrain Customer Roundtable - London

By Bryta Schulz | Posted on December 06, 2017

Janrain Customer Roundtable London

All eyes were on the future of identity management as business leaders, marketing innovators and technologists from some of the world’s leading brands joined Janrain’s executive and product development teams for our 2017 Customer Roundtable in London. The November 29 gathering gave select clients an inside view of Janrain’s vision and an opportunity to share ideas about the rapidly changing identity landscape.

Representatives from leading global brands offered their perspectives on the value of customer identity to their organizations. One client that is moving from a strict B2B sales model to one that employs multiple channels - including direct customer sales - found that a strong centralized identity solution and strategy was key to converging their customers’ digital and physical words. Other clients saw their identity management solution as key to making the transition from anonymous to identified users, providing seamless and secure experiences across multiple sites, apps and devices, and creating a truly personalized user experience.

Janrain CEO Jim Kaskade summarized the challenge before brands during his presentation on significant digital trends for 2018. In pointing out that indicators suggested a flattening of marketing investment in top-of-funnel lead generation and a focus on converting existing leads, Kaskade asked, “How do you deliver the experiences you need to convert the people already in your pipeline?” Meaningful, actionable data on customer journeys is a necessary component of a more personal and effective conversion strategy.

With its implementation looming, GDPR was another hot issue for clients attending. Guest presenter Kolvin Stone, Global Co-Chair of Privacy, Cybersecurity and Technology Transactions practices at Orrick, led the discussion about what companies doing business in the EU need to do to prepare for the May 2018 launch of the new data standards. He outlined the potential costs in regulatory fines, class action suits and damaged reputations failing to prepare adequately. One of the more daunting aspects of the regulations called out by Stone was the need to create “a suite of privacy policies in order to demonstrate compliance, including a record of processing - a record of the data you have, how it is stored and how it is used and who has access.” Even clients on the leading edge of GDPR preparedness took home some new information on the regulations from Stone’s presentation.

At Janrain, we are committed to helping our clients build an customer identity strategy that supports their business goals, provides the best possible customer journeys and accounts for security, regulatory and compliance standards. We are hosting a second roundtable event in New York City on December 6 and will continue to provide GDPR preparedness webinars throughout the coming weeks.

Thanks to all who joined us in London!

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Bryta Schulz

Bryta Schulz

VP, Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing, Bryta Schulz leads Janrain’s global marketing initiatives. Schulz brings 20+ years of experience marketing innovative enterprise, software as a service (SaaS), security and payments solutions. She has held positions at a number of top global technology companies including Xerox, RSA, Symantec and Thales. Schulz is a senior marketing, product and go-to-market executive with a record of driving product adoption, revenue and shareholder value at both early stage and publicly traded companies. Prior to Janrain, Schulz was the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Vindicia, where she was a key member of the management team, successfully driving rapid growth of the sales pipeline and spearheading the company’s global expansion. Schulz holds a Master of Arts in Translation from the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Reutlingen.

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