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Shopping with Friends: The Ultimate Shopping Experience

By Gina Rau | Posted on November 08, 2011

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Most high school weekends were spent shopping at the mall with my best girlfriends, going from shop to shop together to try on one fabulous outfit after another, all while dishing out juicy gossip. When we were ready to be picked up, we dug twenty cents out of our wallets to call our parents from a pay phone. Shopping for millennials isn’t the same.

But millennials’ shopping habits aren’t so different either. Technology has changed the way we shop and purchase, but not our innate preference to be social while we shop. Many tweens aren’t even shopping at the mall – they’re shopping online at increasing rates. And social influence is more important than ever. A study on American Millennials earlier this year shows that 70% want peer influence when they shop.

Social shopping is one of the key trends of 2011. Recently, Janrain customer ShopWithYourFriends launched a real-time social shopping portal where fashion-savvy shoppers can discover new trends and basically shop together with their friends from social networks.

ShopWithYourFriends encourages shoppers to invite friends to join them as they browse new products, brands and shops in search of the perfect outfit.


Using Janrain Engage Social Login, they choose which social network to connect and shop with.


As they find outfits or trends they love and want friends’ trusted advice, Janrain Engage Social Sharing makes it easy for them to share their finds with their social networks.


While they engage and participate in the experience, they also have the opportunity to earn points, badges and other rewards like discounts with Janrain Loyalty, Rewards and Game Mechanics. Millennials have flexible loyalties, yet love rewards and loyalty programs.


Laurens Bushoff, CEO and Founder of ShopWithYourFriends stated, “Shopping for fashion is fun, shopping for fashion together with friends is even more fun, and getting points, rewards and discounts while doing so is the ultimate shopping experience.”

We invite you to explore the future of shopping yourself, and then learn more about the Janrain solutions behind this fun and innovative experience.

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Gina Rau

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