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using Twitter with RPX

By Janrain Team | Posted on May 11, 2009

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Our mission with RPX is to help users get signed in to your website quickly and easily. We do this by helping visitors sign-in using an account they already have, without creating yet another username/password or verify an email address.

Today we are happy to announce support for Twitter based sign-in via RPX. Adding Twitter to your RPX grid will help you connect with the millions of users who use Twitter each day to stay connected online. When you add Twitter as a sign-in option, your users will easily be able to sign up for your site by clicking the Twitter button and authorizing your web application. It is simple, and easy for your users:


When a user logs off of your website, RPX remembers that they used Twitter to sign-in. The return experience greets them with a friendly message and one click sign-in experience:


If you already run a website that uses RPX for authentication, you may add twitter support by clicking "Configure Providers" from your developer console at If you are new to RPX, simply visit to create a developer account and get started.

Rich API Access

In addition to adding Twitter authentication to the RPX API, starting today we now provide you with the extended access credentials for users who sign-in via Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and Windows LiveID. With these extended access credentials you can do some wonderful things to improve your user’s experience like publish items to the Facebook stream, build a Twitter application, or help a user update their status on MySpace.

This is our first step in making it possible for you to build a deeper integration into your application using third party APIs. Just as we’ve done for authentication with RPX, this summer we will begin offering a set of APIs and tools that make social integration cross provider and simple.

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