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Site Registration Just Got Easier with XING Social Login

By Michael Olson | Posted on August 20, 2013

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With more than 12 million members, XING is one of the most popular networks for business professionals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Lichtenstein. As business professionals interact with websites frequently used as part of their day job, they want an easy way to sign up and leverage an existing professional identity that they already trust and use regularly. This is why LinkedIn has become such a popular choice for social login by business professionals around the globe on business-to-business (B2B) websites.

And now, business professionals can use their trusted identities with XING to quickly register on websites. If your site caters toward a professional audience, we’re now making it possible for XING members to sign up within two clicks using an online identity they already trust and regularly utilize.

In addition to accelerating the registration process, social login with XING also opens the possibility of accessing rich social profile data with permission. This includes demographic profile information such as a verified email address, first and last name, location, gender, birthdate, languages spoken, profile photo and education history. In addition, XING users can share their professional info, including their company name, job title, industry, declared professional skills and desired skills.

XING Social Profile

This rich professional information makes it possible for B2B marketers to truly segment and target their online audience in unprecedented ways. Traditional methods of targeting an audience of business professionals would entail segmenting content, communications or offers based on information such as a job title or an industry. Imagine if you could take that to a deeper level by building a segment of all people who have declared web analytics or SEO as a skill, and targeting that portion of your audience differently from those with a declared skill of financial accounting or social media marketing.

In addition, social login with XING opens the door to intent-based targeting. Because XING members can specify desired skills on their profile, B2B marketers can collect this information with permission and begin to tailor content or communications based on the intent and wants of their registered users or customers. For example, perhaps a job search site wants to segment thought leadership email newsletters to its members based on skills they are looking to hone. The ability to segment content for members interested in learning about software development from those interested in learning about human resources can lead to vastly improved relevancy and utility for members.

We’ve also built in support for social sharing to XING profiles. When XING members come across interesting content on a site, they can now choose to easily share that content to their XING profile, or browse their XING connections and send a private message directly to a friend, all without leaving your site.

XING Social Sharing

XING is available as a social login and sharing provider for Janrain customers today. To get up and running, simply log in to your Janrain dashboard, take a couple minutes to create a developer app, and drag-and-drop the XING button into your social login interface.

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Michael Olson

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