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The Social Enterprise: My Week Dreamforce

By Jeff Mills | Posted on September 21, 2012

Blog Banner has been actively and passively shifting their business to be more social with things like the introduction of Chatter and the acquisitions of BuddyMedia and Radian6. Well it appears to me that the social cat was let out of the bag at Dreamforce 2012 (#DF12). The theme for the show was truly The Social Enterprise, and is betting its future on it – which looks like a good bet. Social is being woven into everything is doing, from the appexchange, partner portals,, servicecloud, Marketing Cloud and of course Sales Cloud.

Chatter seems to be at the middle of all, pushing for organizations to be more social, work collaboratively and to engage customer, employees and partners in a way that is familiar and appropriate for them. It seems as if Chatter has moved into every aspect of the platform. had example showcases of various companies that are leveraging the power of social, brands such as:

  • Rosignol, which leverages chatter to empower and inform sales teams
  • Activision uses Service Cloud to let the community and customer service department support customers in a new way.
  • Virgin America, which uses Service Cloud to manage customer inquiries, support and service concerns
  • GE creates social networks around products, customers, partners and engineers
  • CareerBuilder which leverages Social Key to gain a better understanding of customer likes, interests and needs.
  • Pandora combines social data for targeting which gives sales team information they need to sell ad space

One of the really interesting releases was the introduction of Social Key, a new service that helps tie business data with social information. For those of you that don’t know, provides access into enriching data through partnerships with organizations like Jigsaw and Dunn&Bradstreet.


With the introduction of Janrain’s updated extensions, you can begin to tie in social profile data with the traditional information and Social Key data. With these three combined, you have a pretty complete information profile about customers and prospects that you never had, but Social Key is not set to launch until 2013.


It was evident that is betting the future of business interaction on Social, and they are making massive investments to see its success. The types of integrations and complete experiences in using social is adding huge value to brands, big and small. We are all excited at Janrain to see the Social Enterprise move forward.

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