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Social Integration Runs Deep At The New Interscope Records Site

By Gina Rau | Posted on October 18, 2012

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It’s no secret that social media has set consumer’s expectation for real-time engagement, and this is especially true for fans wanting access to their favorite musicians and artists. Across the social web, fans today have multiple venues to engage: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, Spotify, you name it.

So many in fact, that centralization of updates, posts and news could have a positive impact on fans’ fragmented engagement and boost affinity. Interscope Records has long believed in making engagement easy for fans, which is one reason they chose Janrain years ago for their user management platform needs.

The new is a gold record

I had the privilege to get a sneak peak at their beta site a few months ago when our client, Lee Hammond was in town to speak with me at the Bandwidth conference. I was immediately impressed!

Attention, time and engagement is fragmented as people devote these precious resources across an increasing number of communities and social networks which makes it difficult for everyone to connect in a meaningful way. Interscope Records has recognized the need to unify the multiple streams of content into one home base for fans to get real time updates and engage with their favorite artists without having to visit multiple sites.

Streaming real-time tweets, news and posts at a central location,, with our partner Echo’s technology has created an immersive experience for music lovers. When they’re ready to comment, share or engage, fans can use social login as to quickly create an account with an existing profile from Facebook, Twitter or others like Google.


The social web is constantly evolving based on new technology, sites and networks, in conjunction with users’ expectations, needs and wants. The challenge for marketers goes beyond staying fresh and top of mind, but providing the content, resources and experiences that your audience wants today while looking forward at the same time. As organizations continue to increase onsite engagement and activity, we’ll recommend that they look to as a model of providing a high value user experience.

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