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Social Login Landscape

By Sirpa Aggarwal | Posted on January 10, 2012

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In our recent blog post titled “Why Is Social Login Important?” we discussed the increasing importance of social login as a tool for companies to attract users to their websites.

Social login provides a fast and easy way for users to log in to websites using their preferred social media login. The resulting benefits to companies are many, including increased customer registration, acquisition, and conversion rates. The social login feature is supported by all Arktan products as well.

According to recently published data by Marketing Charts for Q3 in 2011, Facebook has become the preferred social login site with 42% share of all users using social login to access websites. (“Facebook Top Social Login Preference.”)

Google was previously the preferred social login site. Yet, the comparison of users’ social login preferences across industries revealed differences: For example, while Facebook still reigns with 58% of the total music industry social logins, the company has only 43% of the social logins in the media and entertainment industries.

The chart below provided by Janrain shows the current social login landscape.

Social1profile 1

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