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Social Sharing Event Handling

By Marla Hay | Posted on August 13, 2014

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On July 16, 2014, Janrain added event handling to our v3 social sharing tool. Event handling allows you to track and understand your user and system behavior related to sharing by capturing events as they occur. Not only can you better understand what content your users are sharing, you can determine who is sharing what, and where you’re seeing drop off in the sharing experience. Here are just a few of the things you can do with our new share events:

Send share activity to third party analytics

With event handling, you can easily take the data related to a completed share, and pass the information to your third party analytics system, like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. In conjunction with the URL, image, and other contextual data specific to your page, our events will tell you the provider used to share, the mode by which the user shared (broadcast, contact, or email), and the access token for the user. With this access token, you can retrieve detailed profile data about each user, to complete the picture of who is sharing on your site.

Track share activity for native share providers

Native share is an implementation that allows you to utilize the providers own sharing interface, rather than the Janrain share interface. This bypasses the typical authorization process, which forgoes the option of collecting additional user data, but makes the share process as frictionless as possible for your users. Because the provider controls this interface, there is an inherent obfuscation of the share event. To get around this reduced visibility, the share event “provider_select” allows a customer to understand when a user has opened the native provider sharing interface, which may lead to a completed share.

Understand where users abandon or are unable to complete sharing

Share events track your users through their sharing experience. You can use share events to determine at if your users abandon share at any point, including when they are asked to authenticate. You can set up A/B tests that track whether different configurations of sharing result in more shares started or more shares completed. Share events also enable tracking the number of share that start, and the number of shares that fail, so you can easily identify where intended shares are not completed.

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