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Social Success of #Pivotconchat

By Sirpa Aggarwal | Posted on September 07, 2012

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The 2012 Pivot Conference is just around the corner. The annual event has become a key event for brands wanting to increase their visibility.

The monthly #Pivotconchats serve as popular social platforms for brands and individuals to interact with speakers and industry professionals during the one-hour chats.

Arktan SocialStreams is powering the chats at

The September chat earlier this week was hosted by Kare Anderson, an award-winning former NBC and The Wall Street Journal reporter, and Co-Founder of Say It Better Center.

The chat attracted 101 participants, who generated over 1,000 tweets. The topics included some in the minds of all brands and individuals wanting to cultivate a meaningful social media presence.

Here are some thoughts extracted from the sea of over 1,000 tweets, including few by Kare Anderson and Kred’s Andrew Grill.

Kare called “the elements of A.I.R.: Actionable + Interestingness + Relevance” among keys for building credibility in social media, along with consistently showing timely, unique expertise that matter most to one’s niche market.

Andrew Grill advised people to be relevant and generous, with original thoughts. One’s ability to architect value, and to always seek to provide value, was also highlighted in the chat. The advice of one chat participant to “live, breathe, speak, and write with Integrity” resonated with many.

Honesty, transparency, authenticity, reciprocity, empathy and symbiosis were mentioned among key qualities for productive collaboration.

While productive collaboration can have friction as well, a healthy disagreement is progress. Kare said that “productive collaborations [equal] deal reciprocity, complimentary audiences and shared vision,” adding that “productive collaboration requires the ability to hear the unsaid, and listening with the intention to connect.”

What then makes one a good brand ambassador? Here are some thoughts that emerged: Good brand ambassadors are passionate, enthusiastic, articulate, engaged, and educated about the brand. They are reliable, and deliver on their promises. They possess a strong sense of purpose, core values, and guiding principles.

In the words of Andrew Grill: “The best Brand Ambassadors are 1) not celebrities 2) not paid 3) authentically love the product/service.”

Stay tuned for the next #Pivotconchat on October 2, featuring as a speaker Martin Nisenholtz, former Chief Digital Officer of The New York Times.

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