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Social TV Is Gaining Momentum

By Sirpa Aggarwal | Posted on March 07, 2012

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In our January blog post we wrote about social media predicting Social TV as one of the top trends to watch in 2012, and how Lost Remote claimed Social TV as “nothing short of a revolution in the TV industry.” It appears that the predictions are coming true.

While many leading TV networks have been building interactive user experiences around their TV shows for more than a year, now major TV events have become big social media events as well. Most notable among this year’s events so far have been the Super Bowl, the Grammys, and the Oscars.

Before the Super Bowl took place in early February,NFL had set up its first-ever Social Media Command Center to capture all the social media buzz around the Super Bowl.

Viewers could enjoy the game on TV via NBC, or online via, while at the same time engaging with the conversation taking place on the social networks around the game.

According to data from NBC, this year’s Super Bowl was the “most-watched single-game sports event online,” with 2.1 million online viewers, in addition to the 111.3 broadcast viewers.

The total Social TV activity from 2011 increased almost six-fold, facilitated by an increasing number of Social TV and second-screen applications.

The Grammys also had a banner year in 2012. The show boasted close to a seven-fold increase in the number of Social TV and second-screen activities during this year’s show, becoming the biggest entertainment event in Social TV on record.

The Oscars did very well, too, as the second biggest entertainment event in Social TV on record. According to Nielsen data, the ratings of this year’s Oscars were up 4% from 2011, while the social media commentary was up almost 300% from the previous year.


These major social media events of 2012 provide additional validation for the Social TV space, and for the rising influence and importance of interactive Social TV and second-screen experiences.

This trend can no longer be ignored, especially when more and more viewers are now expecting to have these experiences around their favorite TV shows. As a result, TV networks are increasingly providing them, knowing now how an engaged, loyal fan base can dramatically boost the ratings of their shows.

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