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Social TV's Global Expansion

By Sirpa Aggarwal | Posted on October 10, 2012

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Since its beginning few years ago, Social TV has been a predominantly American phenomenon. The first second-screen social experiences were built by American TV networks for American viewers.

This is starting to change. It’s exciting to witness Social TV starting to take root in other global markets as well. Those markets are now going through the same early phases of Social TV adoption experienced by the U.S. Social TV industry pioneers.

Canada is one such example. CTV there has launched a number of successful social chat experiences powered by Arktan, most recently a social chat hub in May around ‘American Idol.’

The Next Web reported in June that Social TV is starting to gain a foothold in Brazil, with reported 43% of viewers engaged in dual-screen viewing during TV shows. In a country of 193 million people, this represents a sizable emerging Social TV market.

French broadcasters are also starting to explore Social TV. Rapid TV News wrote about a recent example of TF1’s partnership with Trendrr to bring Social TV experiences to French viewers of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

Northern Europe has become the latest region in the global expansion of the industry. Lost Remote wrote last week about HBO’s venture into Scandinavia with HBO Nordic.

The new launch has already created quite a stir on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. HBO is a well-known brand in Scandinavia, along with its shows, and local fans are eagerly awaiting this new launch. While the population in Scandinavia is relatively small, the region is among the most wired and connected in the world, especially on mobile platforms.

While the U.S. continues to lead the way in the Social TV industry with the biggest TV audience in the world, it’s promising to witness the growing expansion of the industry in other countries and continents as well.

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