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Is Social Web the Future of Live Blogging?

By Janrain Team | Posted on August 02, 2011

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The Guardian has a thought-provoking post today on live blogging and how it is changing the face of journalism.

The post describes how live blogging is being used by several publishers to actively engage audience. The spike in readership as a result of live blogging proves the potential of the medium. However, there are challenges as pointed out by the article.

One of them is striking a balance between providing live coverage and yet not overwhelming the readers. This requires curation tools that make it easier to curate only the posts that are deemed relevant by the blogger or journalist.

This is particularly important when there are several contributors to the story. The curation tools should provide an automated experience where the posts are first live blogged on an administrator page and then approved to flow into the public page.

For live blogging to realize its potential, live conversation on the live blog that encourages readers to reply and like on the posts, using their favorite social logins, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., is important. This of course requires the live blogging tools to provide moderation capabilities to moderate the readers’ reactions.

We also believe that the Social Web is the future of live event coverage. Harnessing the power of tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Twitvid, etc., allows the reuse of existing tools for real-time text and media live blogging.

In addition, by capturing reply tweets and Facebook comments, it allows to bring in live conversation from across the web in a live blog. Social Web powered live blogging may be combined with a “traditional” live blogging interface.

We are going to play our part in evolving live blogging technology and providing the industry with the tools they need to transform the face of journalism! As a first step in this direction, we announced Arktan LiveBlogging today.

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