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Janrain respects your privacy and will treat the personal data you choose to share with us in accordance with our privacy policy. Puts Online Purchases Into High Gear with Social Login

By Gina Rau | Posted on May 22, 2012

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When people shop and buy online, they’re hoping for an experience that improves upon the typical journey to the mall or shopping center. There’s no parking or long walk to the store, finding products is usually easier with the search functionality, and the actual act of making a purchase should be significantly streamlined.

One of the many reasons people leave behind a shopping cart full of products online is because they’re faced with a registration form that resembles a job application. People simply do not like to complete all those required fields, and certainly don’t need another set of username/password combinations to remember.

This is exactly why 86% of consumers reveal that they’d rather leave a website than complete a registration field. And, just as important, why 77% say they’d like to have social login as an option. is making it really easy for people to buy at their site. is a motorcycle parts and gear retailer based in California that is using Janrain Engage social login to accelerate the checkout process for their customers and improve shopping cart conversion rates.


When a shopper adds a product to her cart and is ready to purchase, prompts the shopper to register using a social identity. Shoppers can choose to login with one of 12 identity providers, including Facebook, Twitter, Google and PayPal.

Registration with social login is typically five times faster than traditional registration, partly due to the ability to pre-populate the shopper’s social profile data on the shipment registration form. Specifically, the shopper’s first and last name, email address and location are pre-populated.


When shoppers choose to log in with their PayPal identity, can also pre-populate the shopper’s shipping address into the required fields. This greatly accelerates the checkout process by eliminating the need for shoppers to enter redundant data when checking out, thereby improving the shopping experience and cart conversion rates. uses X-Cart as its eCommerce platform vendor. Janrain Engage is fully integrated with X-Cart via a turnkey plugin that supports social login and social sharing, which made implementation into the checkout flow a very simple process for

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