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Some New OpenID Enabled Sites

By Janrain Team | Posted on July 25, 2007

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Just a quick note to mention some new additions to our MyOpenID site directory:


Twitterfeed is OpenID enabled and lets you do a number of interesting things with Twitter . Including getting your Pownce messages to Twitter!


I received an email from Adam Frey last week informing me that Wikispaces now supports OpenID and that they found to be helpful in their testing. **Update** New users can join with an OpenID account, and existing users can now associate their OpenID with their wikispaces account. See Adam’s comments below for directions on how to associate your OpenID account to your account on wikispaces.


Wetpaintalso recently integrated OpenID, "Wetpaint is excited to welcome OpenID users, who can now sign in with their OpenID credentials and start contributing to any of the over 400,000 Wetpaint Wiki communities."


Toodledo is an task manager with an incredible list of features ; OpenID being a recent addition. If you are looking for a feature rich task manager check it out.

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