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Statboard: Search, Save and Share Statistics on Online Engagement

By Bill Piwonka | Posted on October 10, 2013

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A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel at the Luxury Interactive conference in New York City with executives from Four Seasons Hotels, Mercedes-Benz USA, and NetMining. Our topic was Engaging With On-Demand Consumers Throughout Their Purchase Journey and the conversation covered a wide range of issues related to increasing conversions and better serving a brand’s existing and prospective customers.

As you might imagine, the area in which I wanted to concentrate – and felt I could add the most value – was from the perspective of addressing the challenge of recognizing the consumer at each digital touchpoint, and delivering meaningful, personalized experiences to her. What I didn’t want to do, however, was turn an opportunity to educate and provoke ideas into a blatant sales pitch for Janrain products and services. There’s a time and place for that, and in my opinion, this wasn’t it.

When I speak in public, I like to support my thesis with relevant statistics – I find this adds credibility and relevance. In the past, I’ve gone to the trusty Google machine in search of that one nugget of data that would perfectly fit my topic. However, often I can’t find what I’m looking for or I’m met with data that is out of date or slightly irrelevant.

But this time, I turned to a new resource, one that I’m proud to announce today: Janrain’s Statboard. What started as a side project from one of the members of my team has become a really cool tool for marketers, strategists, sales people and anyone else looking for statistics and research related to digital and social marketing as it relates to online engagement.


Janrain Statboard is a free collection of research and statistics with some pretty cool features. For one, you can easily search based on categories and tags, share, embed or favorite any of the stats, each of which links back to the original source. You can also build your own shareable “stat block” of up to four related statistics to send via email or post on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


We will regularly update the site with new stats, so be sure to come back often or sign up for our email newsletter to receive updates. If you come across a new stat or want your research included, we’d love to hear from you. Just use the “Submit a Stat” link and we’ll get it up on our site.

Check it out, start sharing and let us know what you think!

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