The Grammys Live Chat for Fans

The 55th Grammys on Sunday posted the second highest ratings in 20 years. Twitter saw over 14 million tweets about the Grammys, representing 29% increase from 2012, according to data.

Arktan was proud to power the Grammys Live Chat hosted by CBS Local Los Angeles. The Live Chat started three hours before the live event, and continued throughout the event.


Arktan SocialStreams powered the Live Chat by extending to the site curated talent tweets for fan interaction.

CBS Local Los Angeles used Arktan’s robust dashboard and APIs to curate and moderate the conversation to display only the most relevant and engaging content for fan interaction.


Fans were able to start participating in the Live Chat by logging in using their preferred social login. When they shared their comments made on the site back on Twitter and Facebook, they were driving more fans to participate in the Live Chat.


The Live Chat was a successful event, and saw a large a number of fans participating and enjoying the real-time social interaction. Approximately 80% of the curated content were tweets, while 20% was engagement by fans on the site.

Arktan has been powering other Live Chat experiences as well. Here’s a link to our past blog post about Live Chats powered by Arktan for TNT and CTV.