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Three Ways to Turn a Summer Slump Into a Social Surge

By Catherine Magoffin | Posted on July 19, 2013

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Remember way back when you began a new year with a new calendar and a new set of marketing initiatives to put into action? Well, here we are -DAY 200! That means over halfway done and just 165 days to go in 2013. And, the big consumer action and conversion seasons -Back to School and Holiday -are coming at us fast. Are you starting to get a little twitchy?

With time fleeting by and the long days of summer upon us, it’s time to make things happen. Let’s take a few minutes to focus on three ways to gain traction and generate results on the social shopping front. Gearing up now with a pilot will have you heading into 2014 planning with valuable insight to leverage and build upon.

1) Boost Acquisition

Most marketers put a lot of marketing oomph into initiatives focused on the months of October through December each year. Seize the opportunity now to leverage sweepstakes and other promotional activities to drive stronger registration conversion and social data gathering with social login. This can bring a boost to email opt-in rates, with a validated email address leading to stronger email delivery rates and paving the way for ongoing engagement over time. Add to that the amplification generated via sharing actions to drive new referrals and earned advertising impressions. Do it now -test the impact of these marketing “booster shots” when consumers are most active.

2) Generate Stronger Engagement

Make a bigger impact with social login as a fast track to consumer action on existing site engagement elements, including wish lists, favorites, reviews and commenting. In turn, gather valuable consumer data for site and email personalization, which leads to better response and conversion rates when consumers are coming at you in droves. Just a small uptick in engagement can lead to big business results during the busy season and beyond. The key is putting all systems into “go mode” to reduce friction and drive consumer action.

3) Increase Checkout Conversion

Eliminate hurdles and frustration driven by password fatigue. Offer social login and use social profile data to pre-populate forms, increasing form completion and ultimately conversions. Consider identity providers that will pave the way for conversion action, such as PayPal as a way to prefill bill and ship to data. Opportunity also exists to proactively offer the oodles of guest checkouts a quick account set-up call to action post purchase, leading to data gathering and a warm welcome back for future transactions. All of these things help to deliver a streamlined shopping and checkout experience -just the type consumers now expect. And, all of this has even more impact on the mobile shopping experience, which is a key factor for Holiday 2013.

Opportunities abound, yet time is ticking and summer is upon us. William Wordsworth once said, “To begin, begin.” Now is the time to begin and flip a summer slump into a social surge. So, put down that lemonade and let’s get going. And, if you need some support to get things underway, the Digital Strategy Team at Janrain is here to help make the buying season and holidays happier for you and your customers.

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