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TNT’s Curated Social Hub for ‘Falling Skies’

By Sirpa Aggarwal | Posted on August 15, 2014

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TNT’s popular ‘Falling Skies’ TV show’s fifth season is underway.

Since 2012 the show’s social hub has been providing fans with the destination site where they can participate in the real-time fan conversation taking place around show before, during, and after on-air broadcast of the episodes.

Screen Shot of Falling Skies Social Hub

TNT is using Arktan SocialStreams to extend to the social hub for fan interaction the most relevant and engaging curated real-time content and conversation from across the social web. SocialStreams enriches the curated content with rich multimedia, including photos, videos, and visually engaging snippets.

Fans can view the curated social content and and interact with it by posting their comments. By sharing their comments on the social web with friends fans are helping drive engagement and new traffic back to the social hub.

TNT controls the look and feel of the social hub using Arktan SocialStreams’ robust dashboard and comprehensive Activity Streams -based APIs to submit onsite and proprietary content, to provision streams, and to curate, moderate, and analyze the social web content.

The comprehensive APIs with innovative visualizations are providing TNT with the platform for creating engaging real-time fan interaction around ‘Falling Skies.’

Similarly to other socially savvy brands, TNT is listening to fan conversation, using the valuable real-time fan feedback from the social hub to tailor programming decisions. TNT is also utilizing the power of social media, including Facebook. The show’s Facebook page is approaching 1.3 million likes.

The social hub has been helping TNT increase fan engagement and build loyalty among them. Since its launch in 2012 the social hub has also been attracting premium advertisers, providing opportunities for monetization for TNT.

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