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TNT’s Social Hub for ‘Dallas’

By Sirpa Aggarwal | Posted on February 25, 2013

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TNT launched last summer a remake of the hugely popular ‘Dallas’ TV show that first aired in 1978. The original show was watched by a global audience over the many years it was on air.

TNT’s remake of ‘Dallas’ is engaging both the old fans and a new generation of fans with a new cast that includes the next generation of Ewings.

TNT has built a social media presence around the show and its characters on Twitter and Facebook to drive fan engagement. The show has a designated Facebook page, and all the cast members have their own Twitter accounts.

Fans can engage in second-screen social interaction around the show on TNT’s new social hub called Southfork Social.

new dallas

Arktan SocialStreams is powering the site’s real-time social web content and conversation by extending curated content to the site from Twitter, Facebook, GetGlue, and other social networks.

Fans can start participating in the conversation by logging in with their preferred social login. They can post comments on the site, and reply to tweets and Facebook posts.

fork social

new fan chatter

The site’s Character Profiles provides fans a place where to deepen their engagement around their favorite cast members.


Character Profiles is a place, where fans can learn more about the cast members. Fans can watch video introductions made by each cast member, see their current power rankings, and start following them on Twitter.

When fans click on the cast member profiles, they can view and start interacting with all the real-time social web conversation around the cast, powered by Arktan SocialStreams.

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