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Triton Digital Media Ramps up Social Media Presence with Janrain Engage

By Michael Olson | Posted on July 29, 2010

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Today, it was announced that Triton Digital Media plans to integrate Janrain Engage authentication and social publishing functionality into its Loyalty Program, enabling Triton Digital’s radio affiliates to connect their website to the social web by making it easy for visitors to sign up with an existing social network identity and share their site activities with friends on multiple social networks.


One of the challenges for marketers, content managers and digital strategists at radio companies today is how to monetize their content and drive additional revenue streams that augment sales of radio advertising spots. Triton Digital Media‘s platform helps radio companies foster engagement and optimize their corporate web presence, and its Loyalty Program includes a CMS, ad serving and e-commerce to help radio stations drive a larger percentage of revenues from their online presence. Triton Digital currently supports more than 6,000 radio station affiliates across the U.S.

A few months ago, Jim Kerr, VP Stategy at Triton Digital Media, touched upon the digital revolution that is starting to occur in the radio industry:

At the 5:30 mark in the discussion, the interviewer notes an example of a radio company’s use of Facebook ads to promote its Facebook page. In the example, the metric for success was based on the number of impressions and new visitors that the Facebook ad campaign generated on Facebook. By not also pointing listeners to the radio station’s corporate site, where personalized content and targeted ads can be served, a revenue opportunity was missed.

Kerr points out that radio stations have historically lacked tools to continue conversations from the social networks and engage listeners on their own site – where they control the playing field, originate content and serve ads. Triton’s solutions address this challenge by making it easy for radio stations to create and publish engaging content on their corporate site. Janrain Engage enables increased registration rates and user interactions on that site to be shared virally on the social networks, thus creating a steady stream of qualified referral traffic back to the radio affiliate site.

The interviewer closes the conversation with Kerr by noting a mantra in comedy that “a joke only works if you commit to it.” The same applies when it comes to social media Radio stations can gain a competitive advantage by incorporating social media tools that extend the conversation beyond a Facebook or Twitter page and drive engagement back on their own website. Triton Digital Media’s solutions, enhanced with Janrain Engage, make this possible.

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