Arktan Announces TV New Zealand As Its First International Customer

As promised in last week’s blog post, we’re now ready to announce TV New Zealand as our new international customer!

TVNZ is the network covering the Rugby World Cup taking place in New Zealand. Rugby is a hugely popular sport in New Zealand, and the World Cup is already attracting record crowds, and lots of media attention.

TVNZ partnered with Arktan to launch a customized iPad website to cover the World Cup. allows fans to watch the games, post comments, be part of the online conversation, and engage with other fans even when no live matches are on air.


Sarah Pritchett, Digital Media Product Manager at TVNZ, said this: “The Arktan interface allows us to quickly respond to what’s going on and it’s exciting to be able to see in real time what Kiwis are thinking and feeling and to then share that back with the country.”

This is truly an exciting new development for us!