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UK's Channel 4 Offers Site Personalization with Social Login

By Gina Rau | Posted on January 30, 2013

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Smart publishers and broadcasters realize that consumer expectations and demands are changing and evolving as a result of highly personalized experiences across the social web. Savvy audiences want less of what’s not important to them (like irrelevant ads), and more of what is – content that is related to their individual interests and activities.

As its become increasingly clear that consumers’ expectations have evolved to one where they are more open to sharing personal information in exchange for that personalised experience, UK broadcaster, Channel 4, has put forward a strategy that includes viewer registration at the core of their business. Recent research indicates they’re on the right track: 85% of UK consumers would like social login to be offered as an alternative when registering for sites over the standard web registration process.


Once viewers have signed in using social login, they have access to Channel 4 digital content that sits behind the secure sign-in wall, allowing for frictionless movement across programs, content and different devices. As any smart marketer does, Channel 4 clearly communicates the benefits of registering on their site, and explains exactly how their personal data will benefit their experience.

“Organisations are recognising that in order to truly put the customer at the heart of the business, they have to find a way of offering highly relevant and engaging content,” says Russell Loarridge, European Sales Director, Janrain. “Extrapolating what customers want based upon basic profile information will no longer be enough as digital content becomes increasingly personalised.”

The registration solution and social login was first used on Channel 4’s popular Million Pound Drop, which aired during September. An average of 96,000 unique people played along online per episode during that series.

“Through registration, our audience gain a deeper, more rewarding viewing experience as they watch the show live with the benefits of the interactive experience –and in turn, via the social login information, we have a greater insight into our audience which in turn informs our viewer engagement strategy.” says Steve Forde, Head of Viewer Relationship Management at Channel 4.

All of us agree with Russell when he says, “We are absolutely delighted to be part of Channel 4’s vision to put the customer at the heart of the business and have welcomed working with a great team at Channel 4 who have such clarity of vision.”

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