Updates to Pibb Go Live

JanRain’s OpenID communication platform, Pibb, has gotten a new design and some important member requested features.

If you are not familiar with Pibb, it is a great new way to communicate online. Pibb brings together the familiarity of forums, power of blogs, flexibility of email and convenience of instant messaging in one browser window. All messages are delivered in real time and then archived automatically for later search/viewing, making Pibb ideal as a communication back-channel for conferences, for use as a support tool, or for community based private/public discussions. Each channel can have many topical threads for organizing discussions and thoughts.

You can login with any OpenID account and view some of the channels that have been created. Here is a direct link to the Pibb Discussion channel.

Whats new?

* A newly designed interface, even sleeker than before
* You can Remove channels and contacts from your Dashboard
* Your channel/contact settings can be modified from your Dashboard
* A ‘Pibb Me’ Widget is now available
o Go to the ‘My Profile’ link and find code you can embed in any website that will automatically send someone to a private one-on-one channel with you
o Click on the Pibb Me button below to chat with Kevin Fox:

If you have any questions or feedback about Pibb please contact Kevin via email or on Pibb using his OpenID account kfox.myopenid.com

~Kevin Fox