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WebVisions New York Session: Creating a Personalized User Experience

By | Posted on July 25, 2017

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After eleven years in Portland, the producers of WebVisions are taking their show on the road. The first stop of 2012 is New York City. Make plans now to be in the city January 18 – 20 to explore the future of web and mobile from the industry’s top visionaries. No doubt, this is an event to attend with a rock star lineup of fabulous speakers and sessions, networking opportunities and some fun woven in each day!

Top of your list should be the session led by Jamie Beckland, Janrain’s Digital and Social Media Strategist Friday, January 20 at 8:45am. Set your alarm clock, grab some coffee and get ready to explore the social profile data opportunity.

Minority Report: Creating Personalized Experiences without Being Creepy

Demographics have been used to target consumers for decades – because they were the best information we had. But now, knowing someone's age or gender is not enough to create passionate fans. You need to know the psychographics of your customers – their interests, priorities, and concerns. Psychographics will allow you to understand the mental model of your customer, which changes from hour to hour, and give you the ability to target messaging, offers, and experiences to the user in the way that is most relevant for them.

This session will review how to collect and use psychographic information about your users, based on their social network identities. This information can be used to influence every part of the user experience, from initial consideration, to login, to reward your most loyal users. We'll review examples of how to effectively create personalized experiences, and how to avoid the creepy feeling that users are being spied on.

If you read Jamie’s Mashable post about marketers going beyond demographics with personal data, you know how passionate he is about this topic and won’t want to miss this event.

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