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Welcome to Janrain University

By Kory McDow | Posted on October 06, 2017

Welcome to Janrain University

All across the nation, college students are returning to campus and getting back into the swing of things. Of course, education doesn’t end once you receive your diploma, regardless of what profession you pursue. As software, hardware and networks evolve, everyone from system architects and application developers to marketing managers need to hit the books and learn how to best utilize the latest technology.

With that spirit of education in mind, Janrain is proud to announce our latest venture: Janrain University, a multi-track training program to ensure your employees know the ins and outs of our powerful customer identity and access management platform.

A crash course in CIAM success

The Janrain Identity Cloud® is an incredible asset for any organization, but companies that are able to not only properly configure and integrate the platform, but train their employees on CIAM best practices, will see the best return on investment.

To help our customers brush up on the basics of CIAM and evolve into a certified Janrain Identity Cloud Professional, we’ve established a comprehensive training program to provide the guidance and information you need for successful identity management.

Here’s how it works

Users who enroll in Janrain University will be able to take courses in a variety of ways. You can go through the program online and on-demand or, if you prefer a more hands-on, personal touch, hold in-person classroom training sessions. You can even do a mix of online and offline programs to meet your team’s specific needs. Whatever setup works best for you and your organization, Janrain can customize the Janrain University experience to facilitate the learning experience and accommodate your and your teams’ schedules

There are several educational tracks available, depending on an individual’s role, experience and familiarity with CIAM and the Janrain Identity Cloud. Janrain University covers topics as varied as registration, social login, single sign-on, or customer profile data storage.

The value of a CIAM education

For application developers and IT administrators, the benefits of Janrain University are immediately evident. Our detailed training program will go beyond the fundamentals of CIAM and teach you how to effectively configure your platform, integrate it into your company’s technology landscape and maintain it on a day-to-day basis. Once you’ve completed the coursework, you will be a Janrain Certified Professional – Core, able to help your organization make the most out of our platform.

Janrain University isn’t only for IT staff, though. Business users like marketing professionals, digital transformation teams, and compliance and security experts stand to learn a lot from our training course. We give employees the tools they need to leverage the Janrain Identity Cloud to improve customer engagement and outreach.

The value of a cyber-security education

One of the most important matters in the business world today is cyber-security. Across the globe, companies have been hit by massive data breaches that compromise sensitive information, erode brand images and severely damage bottom lines.

To keep software secure in this cyber threat climate, you need to be sure that your entire team is up to speed on the technology platforms they use every day. Although cybersecurity ultimately falls to IT departments to oversee and execute on, business users play their part as well.

As the threat of cyber attacks and data breaches continues to grow and the ramifications for negligence increase, businesses need to cover all of their bases to stave off intrusions. We can provide the training needed to safeguard your customer data from external threats.

Whatever your level of CIAM experience is, there’s always more to learn. Janrain University is your one-stop education shop to brush up on the basics, learn best practices and ultimately become a certified CIAM master.

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