Welcome Our New VP of Alliances

david_nelliWhat an amazing start it’s been for me here at Janrain. My colleagues carry an energy that is truly contagious – an energy that allows me to leave work everyday feeling incredibly inspired and optimistic about what’s around the corner. With this type of talent, we have continued to grow and expand, fostering an environment dedicated to our clients and their experiences.

Today, I proudly introduce our newest addition to the executive team, David Nelli as VP of Alliances, who will lead our alliances and strategic partnerships initiatives. David’s most recent leadership positions include working at CSC, responsible for Complex Deals (largest and most diverse customers) in the Americas region; prior to that, in CSC’s Big Data and Analytics business unit; and before that, the VP of Business Development for Akaibu. We can trace David’s authentication experience all the way back to 1997 when he helped Verisign grow its Digital Authentication services and products. During David’s time at Verisign, it became the largest certificate authority in the world.

Ask David about alliances and he’ll tell you it’s about partnerships and our long term relationships with those partners. Success emerges from finding common objectives, missions and rules of engagement. In turn, these alliances fuel the ecosystem that ultimately captures the attention of a large target audience.

“Partnerships are not just about the logos; they are about looking for meaningful relationships,” said Nelli. “The people here at Janrain are not only committed to, but truly excited about taking the company and the market to the next level. This is what attracted me to Janrain – the opportunity and the passion to seize on that opportunity.”

We have the resources and leadership to take our vision to the next level. Janrain started with a vision, and we now have the unique opportunity to create something here that hasn’t been created before, and David is a critical piece of that puzzle.