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Janrain respects your privacy and will treat the personal data you choose to share with us in accordance with our privacy policy.

We’re certified with TRUSTe to give your customers even more confidence

By Marla Hay | Posted on February 25, 2015

We?re certified with TRUSTe to give your customers even more confidence

Janrain is committed to consumer data privacy and security as a core part of our business—and It’s important to us that you and your customers know how seriously we take that commitment. That’s why, this week, we’ve taken the step to have our platform and our website certified by TRUSTe for privacy, security, and social compliance.

TRUSTe is a well known global data privacy company whose Certified Privacy Seal is granted only to those companies who are able to prove that they comply with industry security standards, and demonstrate their commitment to privacy.

The standard for certification includes the following:

  • Ensures security measures are made to protect any collected and stored data for services (such as websites and profiles)
  • Ensures measures are in place to authenticate the identity of users accessing stored data
  • Verifies that third parties are not able to access data without proper consent from consumers
  • Ensures proper disclosures and consent are in place when collecting and controlling data from websites and profiles
  • Validates compliance with EU Safe Harbor

Janrain’s TRUSTe certification is against two primary areas—our website and our customer platform. The website certification means that any information you enter onto any form, including personally identifiable information, will be treated with the utmost security and privacy, and won’t be disclosed without your consent. The platform certification means that your customer’s data is treated with the same careful regard for security and privacy. In both cases, access to and storage of data is protected, and both the website and the platform adhere to the standards set in the EU Safe Harbor regulation.

Janrain has a long history of protecting identities, so why do something now? We wanted to do something more valuable for you and your customers than “self-certify” or offer a compliance program that relies on internal methodology for validating privacy and security. That’s why we selected a global certification program with FTC oversight to validate our platform as an independent third party. We wanted to put our “money where our mouth is”, so to speak, so that when we talk to you about security and privacy, it’s with the full faith and backing of an independent organization that customers know and trust.

Many of those who work with us already understand our dedication to secure and private authentication and data storage. This certification process isn’t just to demonstrate to you how important data privacy is to us—it’s also an opportunity for you to show your customers how important security and privacy is to your organization. As part of this certification, Janrain has added an option to our registration platform that allows any customer to include the TRUSTe seal on their registration form.

For more information on TRUSTe’s regulatory and industry standards, visit And for more information on our partnership with TRUSTe, check out our press release over in the newsroom.

Please see our blog around how Janrain is certified for Privacy Shield now that Safe Harbor has been invalidated.

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