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What It Means for Janrain to Make the Inc. 500 List

By Gina Rau | Posted on September 24, 2012

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In today’s economy where “flat is the new up” and companies are struggling to stay open let alone see small growth, it’s worthy of celebration to be thriving and growing and signing new customers that represent large, global brands. And celebrate we did when we learned that Janrain has been included in the Inc. 500 list as one of the fastest growing private companies in the country. We are ranked #264 (24th among software companies, and #3 in Oregon).

So, we took to the hallways and asked our Janrain team: Tell us what it means to you, personally, to work for a company that has been recognized for it’s fast growth over the past few years. Here’s what some of them shared:

“Being named to the Inc 500 list is, to me, nice recognition – but we’re not done yet. We’re on a mission to make the web a better, more personalized place.” – Cory

“It means we are humbly leading the effort towards a seamless online footprint for users and companies alike, and each day we’re expanding those panoramic possibilities and lifting limits on what can be accomplished.” – Nishant

“It has been an amazing experience participating in a fast paced, highly collaborative team environment at Janrain. The results speak for themselves, but the quality and passion that have achieved such rapid success come from a solid community of smart and committed individuals.” – Ben K.

“I love my job and all the great people I work with! Our CEO takes part in every interview, in order to “make sure we hire cool people.” – Jeremy

“It’s like I’m on the Apollo 11 rocket heading to the moon. We have the best technology, and are using it to trailblaze new frontiers.” – Manuel

“I’ve been with the company exactly one year this September, and have witnessed it grow from about 60 people to more than twice that size. I feel secure in the belief that this company will continue to thrive because of the quality of the talent we continue to bring onboard.” – Jason T.

“Our rapid growth has meant an incredible amount of new customers getting set up with Janrain products. The pace is fast and every new customer brings new engineering challenges we get to solve — which is my favorite part!” – Ryan

“Janrain is not just the product, its the people that work here!” – Karrie

“Working at a fast-growing web company means that I get to impact many, many end users. If I can save millions and millions of people each a few seconds, that means I have saved the world months and months of time!” – Jamie

“As a native Oregonian who spent almost 10 years working in the Silicon Valley, I am proud to be a part of a local technology company that is showing record growth on a national scale!” – Kelly O.

“Janrain grows so fast, so fast they say, employees need raincoats every day!” – Daniel

“I feel like I’m on a rocket ship on it’s way to planet awesome!” – John B.


We do too, John! Go Team Janrain!

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Gina Rau

Gina Rau

Marketing Communications Manager

With almost 20 years of marketing success, Gina is a brand engagement specialist who seeks out creative solutions for every marketing challenge. Her work has delivered results for leading brands like Whole Foods, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, JCPenney, Tillamook Creamery and more. At Janrain, she leads the charge to make sure our company, products and services shine through our messaging and content.

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