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Why Building Trust Through Transparency is Key to Customer Success

By Angie Fallows | Posted on April 05, 2013

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If you were to take a stroll down the bright and vivacious hallways at Janrain to ask any of our employees to share their perspective about the chief priority for our company, the answer would be universally consistent. At Janrain, the success of our customers is our top priority.

Success is determined by our ability to deliver exceptional products and services that delight our customers, and it also requires a high degree of trust. We believe that trust starts with openness and transparency. That’s why, as part of our ongoing commitment to promote transparency with our customers, we have introduced a new site to proactively communicate the status and availability of Janrain’s services –

This site will be the primary resource for Janrain customers seeking to monitor the availability of the Janrain service as well as learn about our infrastructure, s and compliance. The site includes:

  • Real-time and historical data on system performance
  • Incident reports and notification of planned maintenance
  • Information about how we safeguard and protect the privacy of your data
  • Information on Janrain’s product infrastructure

trust-dashboard was inspired by conversations directly with our customers. We know that our customers hold us to a high quality standard, and we strive to provide you with the tools you need to hold us accountable to our commitments.

Please check out the site and bookmark it for future reference. And as always, don’t be shy about dropping us a line to let us know if you have any feedback.

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