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Why Get Satisfaction Loves Janrain

By Katie Keenan | Posted on May 17, 2011

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This is a guest post from Thor Muller, co-founder and CTO of Get Satisfaction. Get Satisfaction is a valued partner and deployed Janrain Engage on its 50,000 client websites to make it easier for users to login and provide feedback for their favorite brands.

Nobody wants to create a new account to use a new online service. Nothing feels more redundant than entering the same information into a site that we’ve added a hundred times before.

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Something changed a few years ago. Facebook, Twitter, and Google made it easy for web services like Get Satisfaction to allow people login through them, gaining one-click access to their public identity information

This was a major leap forward: it used to be that anonymity was the default, and even if people used their real name on a web service there was no way to easily validate that it was actually that person. Every web site had to rely on its own separate and disconnected user database. Now, login and registration is a one-click action, and social interactions tend to be a lot more civil, since people bring their reputation with them everywhere, and there’s less anonymous trolling.

At Get Satisfaction, we depend on Janrain for our social login and identity services. It’s a solution that I believe could greatly benefit any Web or mobile site that have a login process. There were many reasons we chose to use them rather than build our own, but above all, these guys really know online identity. It’s been incredible gaining the benefit of their skills while we focus on building and scaling our core platform.

Click here for Thor’s top 5 reasons why he recommends Janrain to others.

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