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Why KuppingerCole recognizes Janrain as the leader in Customer Identity and Access Management

By Jim Kaskade | Posted on December 21, 2018

CIAM review report 2018

At Janrain, we always put identity first.

It’s why our founder, Larry Drebes, invented “Social Login” — to give businesses an easy path for end-consumer registration and login by allowing customers to use their social media credentials. Little did Larry know when he was roaming the halls of Yahoo! in 1997 that his passion for removing digital friction would become the springboard for creating the most secure, consumer-centric identity cloud service globally.

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It’s why we built the world’s most robust cloud-native service for customer identity and access management — a global cloud built well ahead of all our peers, and built upon the shoulders of the giant, Amazon Web Services, starting in early 2006. And it’s why we support brands in regions such as China and Russia, while others are just starting their cloud journey in a single region of the world.

It’s why we have invested a majority of our R&D dollars in supporting mission-critical applications requiring a service level objective of 99.999% availability — a feat that no peer has or will achieve consistently in the near-future.

It’s why we use a cloud-native design, leveraging core "as-a-Service" functionality of AWS versus “cloudifying” legacy software to operate non-natively in the cloud. Our inherently superior architecture has allowed us to achieve an unlimited scale (billions of identities).

It’s why we deliver consistent, guaranteed performance with the lowest latency  — performance that doesn’t change with the number of identities under management or the number of simultaneous users registering and/or logging in.

It’s why we’ve invested in the most sophisticated, real-time identity data & analytics platform, which powers all downstream systems - privacy, security, marketing and more.

It’s why we’ve developed an industry-leading ability to provide a single-view of consumers — complete from anonymous to known journey states — and with a first-time-ever ability to achieve 100% identity resolution.

It’s why we safeguard our SaaS solution with Secure Edge, powered by Akamai, for an additional layer of protection against external threats.

It’s why we’ve been at the forefront of providing regulation-compliant consumer consent and preference management, very simply built into our developer-friendly identity services. It’s why we support progressive profiling and advocate for best practices in collecting personal information with consent and in context. It’s why we enable fine-grained attribute-based privacy & data governance policies.

It’s why we built the most flexible data schema that supports the widest range of use cases — including regional and multiple-brand variations, parent / family / IoT groups. Data residency ensures that consumer data resides in the country of its origin, without replication across regions. Your brand schemas can be limitless in size.

It’s why we have a robust integration framework for real-time, ad-hoc and batch data exchange between our Identity Cloud and any or all of your downstream systems — whether you need application integration with web, mobile, or IoT devices or integrations with marketing, security, or data infrastructure platforms on-prem or in the cloud.

It’s why we demand the highest regard for security protocols from all of our employees and contractors. And it’s why we maintain the highest level of security certifications in our industry, including SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001:2013 & ISO 27018:2014, HIPAA/HITECH and CSA Star Level 2 Certification.

Lastly, it’s why we started with an API-approach in 2002, and maintain a developer-centric solution. Our open-standard approach supports the principle of “making simple things simpler and complicated things possible."

At Janrain, we put identity first.

It’s why the world’s leading brands trust us with their end-consumer experiences.

And, it’s why the 2018 KuppingerCole CIAM Leadership Compass recognizes Janrain as the unparalleled leader in Customer Identity and Access Management.

Why KuppingerCole named Janrain an industry leader for CIAM

CIAM Comparison RatingsPublished last week, the 2018 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for CIAM Platforms is one of the most extensive and relevant industry reports available. Researchers thoroughly vetted eighteen CIAM vendors and evaluated them in terms of Product Leadership, Innovation Leadership, and Market Leadership. In each category and in the combined Overall Leadership evaluation (below), the Janrain Identity Cloud® received the highest ranking.

In their report, KuppingerCole called attention to some key strengths of the Janrain Identity Cloud:

  • Very large enterprise customer base
  • IoT integration via OAuth2 Device Flow
  • Fine-grained consent management
  • Excellent integration with social networks
  • Privacy Shield certified

“Janrain is mature and highly scalable and should be seriously considered by organizations that need HA, GDPR compliant consent management, and comprehensive marketing analytics features.”

  •  John Tolbert, Lead Analyst, KuppingerCole


Categorically, Janrain was given “Strong Positive” ratings for Security, Functionality, Integration and Usability. In addition, KuppingerCole found Janrain to be a “mature and highly scalable” solution with a particular strength in “identity and marketing analytics.”

Click here to download the full KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for CIAM platforms

Why Janrain will continue to be the leader in CIAM

Our team knows from experience the challenge of building user-friendly, regulation-compliant and secure Customer Identity and Access Management for complex consumer applications. Janrain’s been helping our Global 1000 clients navigate this challenge for almost 2 decades.

Janrain’s vision is to build the largest and most trusted digital identity network globally. We believe we can do this by unlocking the digital-native’s world through their identity, seamlessly and safely.

We also believe that each customer’s unique digital identity is their key to their personally connected world, which makes their identity the most valuable thing they own. We also believe and that companies that treat each consumer’s identity with the highest level of care will be the ones to earn their consumers’ trust and loyalty.

Our mission for our identity-first clients is to accelerate their digital transformation; deliver new insights; all while ensuring privacy and security. We believe that brands must become “Identity First”; effectively starting with a digital identity strategy that involves properly managing the identities of their digital native consumers.

Lastly, our strongest competitive advantage is our team. We have the strongest culture — one which places people above all things. Because we believe in “people power," we lead with culture, followed by strategy, followed by execution. Our team will continue to build on the accomplishments that have earned the respect of industry analysts — like KuppingerCole — and that have earned the trust of global brands: by continuing our commitment to put identity first.

Click here to download the full KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for CIAM platforms




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