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Why Is Social Login Important

By Sirpa Aggarwal | Posted on December 07, 2011

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Social login has become an increasingly important tool for companies to attract users to their websites.

This feature allows users a quick and easy access to sites with their preferred social media login account, such as Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo!, etc., rather than requiring them to create a new user account every time they visit a site.

Social login is incorporated into all Arktan products, and the benefits are enjoyed by our customers across many industries, including Lady Gaga. Her website aggregates the artist’s own real-time content, as well as real-time content and conversation from her various fan websites into one centralized site,

There her fans can engage with the content and conversation after signing in using their preferred social media login (screen shot below). has experienced a return visit rate of over 40%.


Here is a summary of the key benefits of social login to companies and users, also highlighted by Janrain’s Larry Drebes in his recent blog post on Harvard Business Review titled “Social Login Offers New ROI from Social Media”:

– Increased user engagement and customer delight;

– Increase in customer registration and acquisition rates;

– Increase in conversion rates of up to 50%;

– Increase in traffic and uniques;

– Access to users’ demographic and psychographic data, further enhanced by social sharing; and

– Increased revenue opportunities resulting from enhanced brand awareness and brand loyalty.

The benefits of social login are already many, and social login will continue to present new, exciting opportunities for companies and end-users alike in the future.

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