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Will the real Single Sign On Solution please stand up…

By Janrain Team | Posted on July 24, 2007

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There have been some recent observations made about the future of big social networks and single sign on . The general question has been whether a technology like OpenID can help or whether it will be supplanted by an identity widget launched by one of the big guys . Of course in the argument between Facebook or OpenID, we have to weigh in on the OpenID side noting that they are not mutually exclusive.

With over 100 million OpenID identities created, OpenID is not going away. The momentum of OpenID and fact that Facebook is working with Open Source companies like Six Apart certainly makes it plausible we could see Facebook support for OpenID in the future. Ideally we would like to see all platforms support OpenID authentication at some point.

Obviously the larger social networks have fewer incentives to embrace OpenID than emerging ones such as Plaxo , and we believe in the end the winner will be the network that truly delivers on the promise of an portable identity / social addressbook. In his blog post Plaxo’s Chief Platform Architect Joseph Smarr says it well:

"I completely share the vision of an open social web in which users are in control of their data and they can use it on any web site they come to or from. Plaxo gets it too, and our mission is clear: to knock down every wall we find and free your data until nobody owns who you know except you."

and we completely agree!

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