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A year of innovation: How Janrain changed CIAM in 2017

By Jim Kaskade | Posted on January 10, 2018

Customer Identity and Access Management Innovation 2017

You don't become an industry leader by resting on your laurels and letting "good enough" be good enough. As the pioneer of customer identity and access management, our team here at Janrain understands the importance of consistent innovation. You either evolve in anticipation of the market or you fall behind your customer’s needs.

We've never settled for anything less than the very best out of our products and services, continually adapting to provide better performance, more incredible features and greater business impact. That commitment to innovation has always been a company hallmark and in 2017 our company rolled out new capabilities and tools to broaden our mission to manage, secure, and activate our enterprise client’s digital identities. We have achieved some phenomenal progress in the usability of the Janrain Identity Cloud and addressed our client’s needs in data privacy, governance, and security.

Identity activation innovations set the tone

As good as our CIAM solutions have been over the years, we raised the bar to unprecedented heights in 2017. We made significant changes to the core functionality of our CIAM platform to introduce new capabilities and expand its footprint.

For starters, we released our new Identity Big Data and Analytics tool to account for the ever-increasing amount of data generated across numerous touchpoints such as Internet of Things devices. Our goal was to provide Janrain customers with an analytics solution that could manage identity events in real time, and we accomplished just that.

We also consolidated identity activation features into a single, easy-to-navigate platform: the Janrain Identity Cloud. There's no need for multiple applications to handle different aspects of CIAM (registration, login, etc.) - you can do it all from one location.

Perhaps our biggest achievement in this area over the past year was the introduction of our Customer Journey Analytics tool. For the first time ever, Janrain users can trace the customer journey all the way back before registration. That means you can see exactly how an anonymous visitor became a recognized user.

Beefed up security measures address latest threats

2017 set new records for the cyber security industry - and not the good kind. The Identity Theft Resource Center recorded 1,339 breaches exposing nearly 175 million records last year. In comparison, the organization identified 1,067 breaches in 2016.

Cybersecurity is a top concern for any organization, regardless of industry or scale of operations. That's why Janrain made it a priority to introduce new security features into our CIAM platform to safeguard sensitive data and give our customers a little peace of mind.

The Janrain Identity Cloud became the first CIAM solution to integrate fraud scoring tools, allowing companies to identify potentially malicious users and flag high-risk accounts.

We revealed our newfound, universal security information and event management compatibility, empowering customers to monitor Janrain event data for suspicious activity with any SIEM tool on the market.

Our security teams went even further, reviewing existing qualifications and rigorously updating our certifications to create the most secure CIAM product available. Some of the many security-related certifications we now hold include:

  • SO 27001:2013
  • ISO 27018:2014
  • SOC 2 Type II
  • Cloud Security Alliance
  • TRUSTe Privacy Program
  • And many, many more

Janrain also prioritized addressing the security and privacy implications presented by the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation. We were the first CIAM provider to become GDPR-ready and create a comprehensive compliance primer and readiness assessment tool.

New year, new functionality

We made major strides in 2017 building out the functionality of the Janrain Identity Cloud, making it a CIAM one-stop shop for our customers. Advanced dashboards like our data visualization, reporting and next-generation customer care portals opened the doors to new and exciting customer engagement opportunities.

Our CIAM solution's integration capabilities were greatly expanded in 2017 as well, supporting more than 200 third-party software platforms. Janrain users can now integrate with a wide variety of marketing, sales automation, security, e-commerce and technology solutions.

Janrain hits new milestones

As a company, Janrain achieved numerous "firsts" in 2017. We introduced our Janrain University platform to further our customers' understanding of CIAM and educate them on best practices. We helped spearhead industry projects like and joined the ranks of the esteemed standards group, Align Biopharma.

All of that hard work paid off, because industry observers like TechVision Research and KuppingerCole recognized Janrain as a leader in the CIAM space.

2017 has been a whirlwind year here at Janrain. By the time we rang in the New Year, our client portfolio had grown to include more than 3,400 customers, reaching over 1.5 billion distinct user identities. You don't reach that level by playing it safe, and our New Year's resolution is to keep innovating and to keep improving our platform to provide Janrain customers with the very best CIAM solution available.

2017 was a great here for our company and for our customers, but we're not satisfied. Let's make 2018 the best year ever for CIAM.

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