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The Zamboni Effect: How User Management Makes Email Smoother

By Brad Cohen | Posted on July 18, 2013

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I was recently invited to Toronto to speak at the ExactTarget CONNECT Global Tour conference about how social login and user management can augment and amplify email marketing programs. It only made sense to take location into account, so I put as many zambonis in the deck as possible, naturally.


The two most important tips to come out of that talk are the ways that social login improves your data intake, and what it enables after you’ve collected the data.

5 Ways Social Login Enables Smooth Data Intake

Social login removes barriers from registration and subscription processes while ensuring better quality data at the same time.

  1. Avoid drop-off rates from double opt-ins. Collecting email addresses that have already been verified by social providers (Facebook, Twitter, etc) means your registration flow doesn’t have to force the user to confirm via a received email.
  2. Get higher accuracy data. Industry standard data accuracy is only 35% compared to 90% for Facebook. Wouldn’t you like more of your data to be that accurate?
  3. Eliminate “form fatigue” by pre-populating as many fields as possible for your users.
  4. Collect some custom data. Now that your users don’t have to fill out all those forms they’re probably more willing to answer a couple of custom questions for you.
  5. Avoid “fat finger” mistakes, autocorrection errors, and typos by pulling data from social providers instead of making users type it in - especially on mobile.

Utilizing Rich, Accurate User Profile Data

Now it’s time for the fun part, actually playing with your data once you’ve collected it to get your users content and messages that are truly relevant to them. If done correctly this should spur noticeable changes in open rates, clicks, and conversions.

Social Segmentation
If you’re already running email marketing campaigns, then segmentation is nothing new, but now you can look for segments along the lines of what users have “Liked” on Facebook - whether its your Page or a competitor’s or a Partner’s. You can trust the accuracy of the age, gender, and location data. Look at top books, music, and movies of your users and plan messaging or offers around that.

First Party Data
Maybe your business and messaging center around topics that don’t directly relate to what can be done with social segmentation. This is a great time to insert a few custom elements into the registration flow to learn more about your users in ways that help you serve them better. Maybe you need to know if users are vegetarian because you’re a restaurant, or their favorite college because you sell apparel. Whatever your organization does, collecting relevant information up front will open up new possibilities for you.

Social Triggers
Remember that every time a user logs back in to one of your web properties (or apps) you will get a refresh of his or her profile data, and you could set up triggers for automated emails or campaigns based on fresh, timely information. What would you do if you knew your users had moved to a new location? Got engaged? Added a new favorite book or TV show?

All of these possibilities together set up a great combination of data to segment against, and to continue to react to over time. Best of all, you will be sending content that are truly more interested in receiving and responding to.


The Zamboni Effect: How User Management Makes Email Smoother from Janrain

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