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Janrain respects your privacy and will treat the personal data you choose to share with us in accordance with our privacy policy.

Founded in 2002 in Portland, Oregon, Janrain is the creator of the first customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution. Janrain is also the inventor of social login and a founding member of the OpenID Foundation—establishing many of the digital authentication protocols used globally today. Janrain continues to lead the CIAM market today, with over half of the world’s connected users within its Identity Cloud network.

About Janrain

Our vision and mission

Janrain’s vision is to be the largest digital identity network in the world.

We see a future where your customers will move seamlessly and safely between web and mobile properties—across all connected devices—where security, privacy, marketing, data infrastructure, and application technologies all come together to create simple and safe experiences.

We believe that each customer’s unique digital identity is their key to this personally connected world, which makes their identity the most valuable thing they own. Companies that treat each customer’s identity safely and securely will be the ones to earn their customers’ trust and loyalty.

Our mission is to unlock every customer's digital world through their identity, seamlessly and safely.

The Janrain
Identity Cloud®

Our product offering

The first choice of global enterprises for mission-critical customer identity and access management, the Janrain Identity Cloud provides real-time identity management, identity security, and identity activation solutions that enable seamless and safe customer experiences across their digitally connected world, while providing enterprise organizations with deep customer insights.

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Why Janrain

  • The most mature
  • The most experienced in cloud-native identity services
  • The highest availability in the industry
  • The most trusted customer identity vendor by the Fortune 500
  • The only enterprise-grade identity solution for mission-critical applications

Janrain is the most mature vendor in digital identity.

Janrain leads the industry in security and compliance, with a 15-year history of protecting customer data and an unparalleled investment in certifications and controls.

Unlike any of our competitors, Janrain’s native cloud architecture was designed with privacy and governance capabilities from day one. Our innovative identity data management system enables companies to meet challenging security and privacy requirements, while managing customer identities across an unlimited number of brands, in any region of the world.

The first CIAM vendor to manage identity services on the Amazon cloud, starting in 2006, Janrain has more experience, higher availability, and a greater reach than any other solution, with 42 availability zones in 16 geographic regions around the world supported by over 200 AWS cloud data centers.

For global enterprises who cannot afford to lose access to customer data — even for a minute — there is no better choice than the Janrain Identity Cloud.

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#1 in customer identity

Identities Reached

1.75 billion
identities reached

Identity Providers

identity providers



Cloud Data Centers

55 availability zones,
16 regions,
200+ cloud data centers

Identity Cloud

identity cloud availability


3,400+ clients
in 65 countries

Leading global brands prefer Janrain

Analysts agree that Janrain is a CIAM leader

Janrain named a CIAM leader in
2017 Forrester WaveTM Report.

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KuppingerCole ranks Janrain as
an overall leader in CIAM.

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Janrain is the first CIAM vendor to
integrate fraud technologies.

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A history of innovation


While at Yahoo! Larry Drebes conceives social login, beginning with Yahoo!, the largest registry of social identities


Janrain, Inc. founded by Larry Drebes


Larry Drebes begins working with Verisign, Microsoft and LiveJournal to establish the OpenID Foundation


Builds ecosystem for leveraging portable identities via OpenID and OAuth. Offers the only OpenID provider service (myOpenID) for end-consumers to establish an OpenID, with the focus on self-sovereign digital identity capabilities.


Janrain becomes the first CIAM provider to launch its services in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud.


Larry and four Janrain engineers help write the OpenID 2.0 specification, which launches the digital authentication industry we now operate in.

Janrain is the first to provide broadest security enhancements to OpenID including SSL certificates, Infocard integration, anti-phishing site verification tools, and phone-based two factor authentication.


First to offer OpenID-enablement products that allow organizations to accelerate website user registration and login while benefiting from the convenience and security of turnkey SaaS solutions, including social login via existing IDs (Facebook, Yahoo!, Google, etc.)


First to let brands collect, manage and leverage social profile data


Major e-commerce retailers, including Sears, Macy's, Diesel, RedPlum,, McDonalds, PetSmart, Wholefoods, Musgrave and Best Buy, select Janrain to enable third-party authentication for consumers


Launched industry's deepest ecosystem of technology integrations

Janrain begins pursuing Internet of Things use-cases


Janrain co-authors backplane protocol open standard for data sharing

First to launch identity services in Europe

First to add a vice president of privacy reporting to the CEO

Major insurance clients, including AGLA, RACWA, Lincoln Financial Group, Wawanesa Insurance, Standard Insurance Company, The Hartford Financial, Keytrade Bank and USAA select Janrain as their Identity Cloud partner.

Major manufacturing clients, including Philips, Coca-Cola, DPSG, Nestle, The Hershey Company, Constellation Brands, HTC and Samsung, select Janrain as their Identity Cloud partner.


First to power comprehensive registration across all digital devices

Janrain widens international reach with opening of new Asia Pacific office

Major travel and transportation clients, including Qantas, Schiphol, Avis, Gogo Air, Michelin travel partners and IHG select Janrain as their Identity Cloud partner.

Major media and entertainment clients, including Channel4, Rogers Communications, British Telecom, Cox Media Group, Financial Times of London, NBA, AMC Networks, Postmedia and Roularta, select Janrain as their Identity Cloud partner.


First registration platform at global marketing scale, processing millions of transactions per second

First to launch BI capabilities with native customer insights dashboard that helps companies know their customers and personalize their marketing programs, leveraging demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data

Janrain launches mobile registration, first solution for marketers to manage cross-device consumer identity.

Achieves ISO 27001 certification

Major banking and capital markets clients, including Mastercard, PayPal, Dow Jones & Company, Inc., Intuit, American Express, US Bank, NASDAQ, Singapore Exchange and Sallie Mae have selected Janrain as their Identity Cloud partner.


First flexible registration governance logic layer, supporting unlimited use cases

Launches first customer identity management platform in China

Janrain awarded with the TRUSTe certified privacy seal

Janrain reaches market leadership with top pharma, including Lilly, Pfizer, Merck, Janssen, Boehringer Ingelheim, AstraZeneca, Merck Serono and Sanofi, who select Janrain to advance not only the HCP's digital identity experiences, but the end-user patients experiences.


Only CIAM platform with segmentation capability

Janrain manages 1 billion consumer identities worldwide

Janrain expands into Latin American market

Janrain receives clean SOC 2 Type II report reflecting its commitment to protecting customer data

Janrain achieves EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Certification

Janrain completes HIPAA / HITECH attestation assessment under AT Section 101, investing in leadership position in healthcare use cases

Quadrant knowledge solutions touts Janrain's technological superiority while Ovum consulting credits company's B2C focus and customer base with establishing the company's industry leadership

Major utilities and energy customers including Shell Global, IGS Energy, Nest Labs (MyEnergy), and Tamarack Valley Energy (Spur) select Janrain as their Identity Cloud partner


First CIAM vendor to be General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ready

First to launch customer-centric Consent Lifecycle Management to accelerate GDPR adherence

Janrain achieves leading availability of 99.999% availability across all services, positioning Janrain ahead of all its peers for mission-critical applications.

Janrain joins industry standards group Align Biopharma

Janrain manages more than 1.5 billion identities

Janrain raises the bar for the most rigorous security certifications in CIAM industry

Introduction of first private groups capability for Janrain Identity Cloud®

First universal integration of CIAM event data with SIEM systems


Janrain launches next generation Customer Insights to help enterprises make sense of high-volume customer data

Janrain partners with Akamai to launch next-generation Secure Edge technology to protect companies and customers

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