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Lisa Nicholson

Lisa Nicholson is Janrain's Director of Information Security, responsible for cyber security as well as governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). She joined the leading Customer Identity and Access Management company in 2014 leveraging her database, network, quality assurance, testing, project management and security experience to return to the information security fold. Most recently, she worked as a QA manager, SQL developer and SQL DBA for various Portland, OR startups.

Lisa began her career as an Aerospace Engineering Officer in the Canadian Air Force. In addition to fulfilling traditional aerospace engineering officer responsibilities such as running aircraft maintenance organizations, Lisa’s military roles included leading the base defense force providing aid for search and rescue, riot control and security for visiting heads of state. She transitioned from physical security to information security when she was appointed to run operations for top secret US/Canadian networks and classified video circuits connecting the Pentagon with Canada’s National Defence Headquarters. She was also the cryptographic custodian for NATO flight codes.

Lisa graduated top of her class in Engineering Management (Industrial Engineering) from the Royal Military College of Canada and went on to do post graduate studies in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science.

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