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Martijn Loderus

Martijn Loderus is a seasoned Business Partner who continuously seeks innovative ways to ensure technology drives new insights, and is recognized for his creative thinking, expertise, knowledge and vast industry experience.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the ‘Haagse Hogeschool’ in The Hague, Netherlands, Martijn gained his first taste of the tech industry, finding his wheelhouse in IT sales.

As Martijn’s career blossomed, he worked with both enterprise IT companies and startups alike, continuously pursuing innovative solutions to complex problems. At every step along the way, Martijn pushed forward cutting-edge projects focused around Green IT, the cloud and big data analytics.

Martijn joined the Janrain team as Global Practice Partner in 2017, and quickly made his mark by building new advisory services and spearheading initiatives to drive customer experience and ensure regulatory compliance. In January 2018 he was promoted to VP of Solution Engineering & Services. 

Martijn Loderus