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Russell Loarridge

Russell brings over 30 years of international sales and management experience in enterprise solutions that today includes social media and mobile. His vertical market experience is extensive throughout the UK and Europe with specific experience in retail, finance, manufacturing, telco and European channels.

As employee number one in Europe at Janrain, Russell has aided the onboarding of global brands into the Janrain community including Philips, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck Serono, Nestle, EE and Channel 4. He was the single point of contact in the Shell Global purchase process and remains the executive responsible for the commercial relationship.

Russell has extensive experience in enterprise-enabling technology and infrastructure. In the applications arena, he is seen as an industry commentator on the CRM market where his early views on the integration of all forms of e-commerce with the traditional world of bricks and mortar are now widely accepted dogma. This has led Russell to acquire a clear understanding of business information systems, and how and why they might be used and integrated with existing systems like ERP, logistics, CRM, warehousing, marketing, mobile and web-based SaaS systems. His wide industry experience coupled with his extensive market knowledge means that clients and prospects alike are keen to engage him in dialogue that ultimately adds value to their stakeholders.

Director, C&E Europe Russell Loarridge Expanded Leadership 10