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Acquia MVP 2014 Award Winners

Drum roll, please! After a competitive application process with strong participation across the partner community, the Acquia MVP 2014 cohort has been selected. The purpose of the MVP program is to recognize outstanding contributions from our partners that highlight, embed, and extend Acquia products. We believe the 2014 cohort reflects the technical strength of our partners across a broad range of Acquia products and focus areas. And now, without further ado, we present the winners! A robust set of APIs and Acquia Cloud hooks exist for partners to tightly integrate their own preferred devops process on top of Acquia Platform’s industry-leading Drupal-tuned application stack. Four members of the MVP 2014 cohort -- Justin Emond of Third and Grove, Richard Jones of i-KOS, Leonid Makarov of Blink Reaction, and Mike Miles of Genuine Interactive -- aptly demonstrate that the agnostic approach lends itself to complex site development requirements, including:

  • Creating a templated site platform that enables clients to self-provision site instances to their own docroot
  • Managing and enforcing best practices across many sites
  • Triggering and rebuilding automated tests on new tag deployment custom release dashboards

The Acquia Cloud Site Factory solution for many sites was championed by Karl Kedrovsky at VML. In addition to forming an internal delivery practice centered around Site Factory, Karl worked with Aquia product teams to identify requirements for the Campaign Cloud product extension for agencies in WPP and other Acquia Agency Partners. Extending the Acquia Platform was another common theme among the MVP 2014 cohort. Seth Gregory of Navigation Arts, Byron Kam of Janrain, and Oleg Ciubotaru of Propeople tackled projects as diverse as integrating Acquia Cloud with a RabbitMQ messaging transport, extending Acquia Search with a color matching algorithm, and integrating website registration and social single sign on with Aquia Lift. Content-driven commerce remains a focus area for Acquia. During 2014, this initiative was bolstered by the development in the Acquia Commerce Cloud product offering. Ricardo Arteta of Globant was an early adopter and contributor to the platform, specifically integrating Drupal with the Demandware commerce platform on the Acquia Commerce Cloud. A final theme for the 2014 MVP cohort was partner sponsorship and participation in the development of Drupal 8. Lucas Nascimento Arruda and Jean Kemparski Ribiero, both at Ci&T, served as senseis at a Drupal 8 hackathon that spearheaded the upgrade of many modules from Drupal 7. And that’s a wrap for Acquia MVP 2014! While not all submissions could be chosen, we encourage partners to apply again this year with the 2014 cohort as a benchmark for the strength and quality of submissions.