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Identity is at the Center of Today’s IT Infrastructure According to New Janrain Report

PORTLAND, OR (June 23, 2016)Janrain, a leading provider of global Customer Identity Management solutions, today announced the release of a new report that explores how Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) supports IT and the business, as well as evaluation criteria for choosing the most appropriate platform.

Customer engagement has become the driving force behind revenue and growth, and many companies are finding their legacy technology built to manage the profiles of large internal user groups – employee Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms – weren’t designed to scale or align with the evolving needs of customers, meet privacy concerns, nor comply with multiple thirty-party privacy policies and government regulations.

The report, “Identity at the Center of Today’s Infrastructure,” addresses the challenges that Marketing and IT organizations face when they are considering new use cases for managing identities in the face of increasing customer expectations and demands for highly personalized brand experiences. The right CIAM platform allows marketers to understand and engage customers like never before, and equips IT with a scalable platform that won’t increase their workload.

“The marketing funnel has evolved into a virtuous circle,” said Jamie Beckland, Janrain vice president of product. “Understanding your customer leads to better engagement—and deeper engagement leads to better understanding of your customer.”

Key takeaways from this report include:

  • Understanding the differences between CIAM and IAM platforms
  • How personalization drives deeper customer engagement
  • Defining the factors that make CIAM the smart choice for IT professionals
  • Explaining and avoiding the limitations of using an employee IAM platform with customers
  • How to choose the best CIAM platform for your brand

To download a copy of “Identity at the Center of Today’s Infrastructure,” please visit

About Janrain

The Janrain Customer Identity and Access Management platform helps brands build a unified view of their customers across all devices by collecting accurate customer profile data to power personalized marketing. The proprietary platform encompasses social login, registration, customer profile data storage, customer segments, customer insights, single sign-on, and engagement. Janrain powers customer identity management for brands like Pfizer, Samsung, Whole Foods, Fox News, Philips, Marvel, and Dr Pepper. Founded in 2002, Janrain is based in Portland, Oregon, with offices in London, Paris, and the Silicon Valley in California. For more information, please visit and follow @janrain.