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Janrain First to Integrate Fraud Detection Score with CIAM Offering

Janrain Fraud Score Adds Early Warning of Potential Illicit Activity before It Occurs

PORTLAND, OR (May 4, 2017) – Janrain®, the company that created the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) category, today announced it is the first CIAM provider to integrate a fraud detection score into its industry-leading product.

With online fraud on the rise last year, the Identity Theft Resource Center logged more than 1,000 breaches in the United States alone, a 40% increase over the previous year), brands must be able to quickly and accurately discern whether someone accessing their site is who they claim to be. While many brands try relying on assessments and audits, manual control systems and database monitoring to detect fraud, these methods are time consuming and a strain on resources. Too often, illicit activity is discovered only after it occurs, resulting not only in fraudulent activities and lost profits but also poor customer satisfaction and damaged reputation.

As more brands turn to identity management solutions to collect and analyze the surging volume of consumer data accumulated through online and mobile purchases, loyalty programs and engagement efforts, fraud detection has become a logical requirement for any CIAM solution. With Janrain Fraud Score and its real-time consumer background check capabilities embedded in Janrain’s CIAM solution, customers can immediately identify fraudsters using their phone number when they access a brand’s digital properties.

Janrain Fraud Score warns brands early on of potential theft by:

  • Running a background check on new users to discern if the phone number associated with the identity is known for bad behavior, such as logging into a site hundreds of times, or if it is known as a sender of spam
  • Tapping phone number intelligence, AI-based web traffic pattern analysis and extensive data culled from global information services, which assign a reputation score to each new user account
  • Using high scores to alert brands when consumer identities are considered a high risk for potential fraud

“This marks yet another important industry first from Janrain,” said Marla Hay, Director of Product at Janrain.
“The tremendous volume of data consumers generate online represents a golden opportunity for consumer-facing organizations to truly get to know their customers, but it’s also the responsibility of these businesses to protect this data. Only with Janrain can brands get an extra layer of protection embedded into a complete CIAM solution that detects potentially malicious activity before it harms customers and their reputations.”

To learn more about Janrain Fraud Score, click here.

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