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Janrain Partners with Appreciation Engine and Arktan To Help Brands Leverage Social Media to Improve Fans’ Online Experiences

Janrain Fusion Partner Program built to support ecosystem of technology choices and engagement strategies for clients

Portland, OR—(July 10, 2013)— Janrain, the leading provider of user management solutions for the social web, today announced the addition of Appreciation Engine and Arktan to its Fusion Partner Program. These partnerships enable companies such as Universal Music Group (UMG), Warner Music Group (WMG) and Sonos to provide fans with better online content choices and social interactions based on an individual’s social network profile. Janrain also announced support for social identity providers Instagram and Xing.

The Appreciation Engine is a social CRM & analytics platform that offers insights into customer behavior. It creates real-time customer profiles using private social data that businesses can use to target key customers, empower loyalty and boost marketing ROI.

“UMG was looking for a service that could track and analyze what our music fans do across all of their social media channels,” said Lee Hammond, vice president, digital, Interscope (UMG). “Now with the Appreciation Engine solution we can hook straight into our social login partner Janrain and see what our fans are doing around major artists like Lady Gaga. We can finally take action in real-time to communicate offers, content and other incentives to our music fans globally. This is a great solution for any company who wants real customer data to take action on.”

“We’ve integrated with the Janrain platform to make the social profile data stored within it actionable for marketing purposes,” said Jeff Serafine, director of business development for Appreciation Engine. “UMG fans who like multiple artists can receive specific information tailored to their interests and demographics. The possibilities are infinite. Imagine receiving localized tour information for only your must see bands.”

Arktan is a leading provider of innovative social curation and real-time conversation products for enterprise-class brands across many industries, including TV, music, sports and publishing. Arktan’s solutions are helping customers build brand loyalty, boost traffic, and develop monetization opportunities. Warner Music Nashville (Division of Warner Music Group) and Sonos are among the brands using Janrain and Arktan’s solutions to increase fan engagement and social interaction on their sites and mobile apps. Fans can use these brand-owned sites as their ‘one-stop shop’ for relevant real-time social web content and conversation, including the latest tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, and YouTube and Vine videos. Fans can view the content, comment on it, and share it back on the social web. Social integrations on Blake Shelton’s official website and Sonos’s social hub are examples of such experiences. “The expanded partnership between Arktan and Janrain allows brands to create richer solutions that leverage deeper integration between the platforms of the two companies,” said Rahul Aggarwal, CEO and co-founder, Arktan. “Arktan’s new personalized curation capabilities leverage user data received via Janrain. Now fans can see and interact with what their friends are saying in real-time about a particular product, TV show, event or topic on brands’ sites and mobile apps.”

As demand for social login continues to grow, Janrain continues to partner with companies such as Instagram and Xing to ensure that its customers have the broadest support for online identity providers. Since it’s launch in 2010, Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular photo sharing social networks on the web, with more than 100 million active users. Xing is a popular social network for business professionals in German-speaking countries, with more than 6 million members. “People are actively using services such as Instagram and Xing every day to interact with their friends and colleagues, and represent themselves online,” said Michael Olson, product marketing manager at Janrain. “They want to take those trusted identities with them across the web. Multichannel brands and websites can leverage the popularity of these networks and improve registration conversion rates by enabling their visitors to easily register or sign in using these preferred online identities.”

About Janrain

The Janrain Customer Identity and Access Management platform helps brands build a unified view of their customers across all devices by collecting accurate customer profile data to power personalized marketing. The proprietary platform encompasses social login, registration, customer profile data storage, customer segments, customer insights, single sign-on, and engagement. Janrain powers customer identity management for brands like Pfizer, Samsung, Whole Foods, Fox News, Philips, Marvel, and Dr Pepper. Founded in 2002, Janrain is based in Portland, Oregon, with offices in London, Paris, and the Silicon Valley in California. For more information, please visit and follow @janrain.


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